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McIsaac, Swim, Carswell

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Sept. 19 - Oct. 28

Lesson Plan

I am a former coach of the Boys Rugby team and Wrestling team, in addition to teaching at Carleton North. I also have worked with the School Store and looked after the school's web page.

It's best to bring a good work ethic to my classes to help achieve your goals, no matter what they are. Good work ethics are transferrable to whatever you choose to pursue in life. They are an integral part of the marking for all my assignments.

Click here for: Student Tutorials (Title page layout, how to make screen captures, student e-mail info, info on Research papers) & Network Orientation (Logging on at CN and submitting work). Department of Education Policy 311 review for students.

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Courses Important Course Info
Broad Based Technology 9 - Course Outline, BBT website, Assigned Work, Period 1 Marks, Period 3 Marks, Period 5 Marks, WHMIS info, Passport to Safety - Youth How To, New NB-BBT site, Hour of Code, Hour of Code Tutorials 
BBT 10 - Career Focusing - Course Outline, Assigned Work; Media Smarts; NB Jobs website, Career Beacon.
Computer Aided Design 110 - we use the On-line material found here.
Computer Science 110 - Course Outline, Assigned Work; Final Project information. January 2016 Final Project
Hospitality & Tourism 110 - Course Outline, Assigned Work
Housing & Design 120 - Course Outline, Assigned Work
Information Technology 110 - Course Outline, Assigned Work, Period 1 Marks, Final Project 2014.
Information Technology 120 - Course Outline, Assigned Work, Final Projects, Final Project information.
Introduction to Electronics 110 - Course Outline, Assigned Work; Final Project information. June 2017 Final Project
Distance Education Facilitator - New Brunswick Virtual High School. (click to see NBVHS Courses), Distance Ed Notes
Entrepreneurship - Course Outline, Web Activities, Period 4 Marks.
Family Studies 9 - Course Outline
Media Studies 120 - Course Outline, Assigned Work, Final Project, Final Project information
Personal Development 9 - Course Outline, Course Notes
Information Processing 120 - Course Outline
Social Studies 9 - Course Outline, Soldier video.
Social Studies 10 - Course Outline, Assigned Work


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